VMware was looking for a way to foster early developer adoption and attract service provider partners in the public cloud market. The goal was to create buzz around an enterprise product launch and raise awareness for its offering and unique value proposition versus Amazon EC2.


The LEWIS team developed a social media strategy specifically around VMware’s vCloud product. When launching the beta, we played on VMware's strength in virtualization and connected to their value proposition in the cloud space. We rolled out education programs explaining vCloud to developers from three different perspectives: staff, partners and customers. In phase two we adjusted the messaging to roll out education programs for the enterprise to portray the benefit of VMware's cloud over the competition such as Amazon. All of this was focused on four channels: Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


  •  Within a year of launch, vCloud has10,000 social media mentions from a start of 500
  • Top three online lead generators for vCloud are Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook
  • Social media generates 25% of VMware's leads quarterly
  • Product has evolved from developer play to a full enterprise suite
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