Unisys, a century-old technology provider to government agencies and commercial entities, was seeking a way to refresh their image and re-enter the industry as a leader in new technology trends. Areas of focus included cyber security, cloud computing, mobile applications and social computing. To assist with the transformation, Unisys appointed LEWIS PR as agency of record in April 2011.

The main objective for the Unisys B2B project was to position the company as a provider of mission critical IT through various leadership campaigns. To highlight the evolution of solutions Unisys now offered, each campaign required strategic media outreach via digitally innovative outlets and platforms. The communications strategy was to develop a compelling story to share news about the company’s updated services with influencer communities in both the mainstream media and social media universe.


As LEWIS began the campaign, the team researched how they could insert Unisys in stories covering issues that the company’s solutions solved, while at the same time identifying publications in which Unisys had not previously been covered.

After an in-depth investigation, the team realized the greatest challenge of the program would be battling larger, more-influential companies, such as Google, that were already addressing key trends such as cloud computing. It was clear that to drive Unisys thought leadership, the company had to find a unique way to contribute their opinions and research in the conversations that these influencers were already leading.

With this information in mind, the team turned towards a new trending approach to share Unisys’ message that would ultimately bring the brand to the forefront of the conversation. The team decided to leverage digital assets to depict compelling, high-level data to capture the attention of the media and business consumers alike.

While planning the first quarter of PR efforts, it was important to create new pitch angles and content that would highlight Unisys subject matter experts (SMEs) as thought leaders and also emphasize Unisys’ innovative approach of bringing modern technology to organizations.

To do so, the team leveraged the company’s bi-annual commissioned research study called the Unisys Security Index (USI) to showcase their industry abilities and original insights. Each year, the USI captures global and country-specific consumer perception of pressing security issues. To create buzz and promote social media sharing of the research, the team decided to develop visual infographics to provide a compelling and interactive way for the public and press to share Unisys’ findings. 


By integrating the LEWIS creative department with the LEWIS account servicing team, Unisys was able to position itself within compelling story angles and achieve digital results in outlets that had yet to cover Unisys to date. The Unisys Security Index infographic, which was placed in Mashable received the following results:

·      Mashable tweet re-tweeted 1,492 times  

·      Over 300 “likes” on the Mashable article page

·      Over 700 reposts of the Unisys-branded infographic to LinkedIn

·      Over 11.2 million unique visitors per month on Mashable.com

Furthermore, statistics around the GigaOm coverage include:

·      Over 300 tweets around the Unisys-branded Infographic

·      Over 60 “likes” on the page featuring Unisys

·      Over 100 LinkedIn shares highlighting Unisys

·      Views from the 4 million unique visitors to the GigaOm blog

The Forbes.com infographic placement garnered:

     ·      35,321 total page views

·      911 tweets from the Forbes.com site

·      664 likes on Facebook

·      111 shares on Google+

·      Shared 873 times on LinkedIn

·      Ranked #3 within the top ten “most viewed” articles on Forbes.com during the week of placement