In a crowded marketplace, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media marketing provide the ultimate competitive advantage. Not just because of organic traffic provided, but because technology-sophisticated audiences rely on search and social to find solutions, make decisions and network.

This fact was not lost on the digitally-savvy team at Neustar. Their Internet Infrastructure Services (IIS) team operates in an ultra-competitive niche where being found organically is essential to growth.

To help them activate the web for their products, Neustar sought a digital communications agency fluent in social media and SEO that would evolve their communications program and bring new life to a niche market within the technology sector.

The below SEO case study illustrates how LEWIS PR helped secure targeted search engine visibility for Neustar’s Internet Infrastructure Services (IIS) business and increase organic traffic.


One specific challenge that the LEWIS PR team identified from the start of the relationship with Neustar was the need to continue developing each product portfolio tied to a larger brand in Neustar. Neustar’s Internet Infrastructure Services portfolio consists of three main identities: UltraDNS, Webmetrics and BrowserMob.

Each of the three product portfolios has a different focus and following. LEWIS PR quickly aligned with each of the portfolio needs in order to best serve the benchmarks set for SEO results. In addition, LEWIS PR developed descriptive content for Neustar’s IIS web properties, in order to clearly define and position Neustar as a leader in the IIS market.

LEWIS PR began by conducting an SEO audit to identify target market keywords that would best meet the needs of candidates searching for specific types of Internet Infrastructure solutions dealing with DNS, website monitoring and load testing. As a result of this audit, a keyword glossary of popular and relevant terms was created and used to make recommendations to improve on-page content for users and search engines, flesh out meta
information, optimize site architecture and ensure a consistent linking strategy.

Within Neustar’s IIS group, each solution area has several web properties associated with a number of product offerings and client needs. As LEWIS PR analyzed the market, web and search analytics and researched the audience profile, the agency was able to provide relevant content for the company’s websites including customer-centric keywords associated with Neustar’s portfolio. Concurrently, the LEWIS team began work activating social communities behind each of the products to help build links, search engine signal and brand awareness.


Within the first four months of implementing recommendations, search engine visibility to the three web properties has shown significant improvement from baseline.

Highlights of the program results to date include:

• More than 250% increased visibility in search rankings for targeted phrases across the product websites.
• Increases in non-paid traffic for high-relevancy and conversion-oriented keyphrases such as website performance monitoring, which has specifically increased by 150%.
• Consistent month over month growth of social communities being marketed in tandem with the websites.



“Just three months into our engagement with LEWIS PR, the team has proven to be a knowledgeable partner for improving the search engine visibility for all of Neustar’s IIS portfolios. Their work with keyword research, content optimization and development, along with code SEO has helped us achieve competitive positioning in search and social. Further, being able to work with one agency for both SEO and social media disciplines is a great efficiency for our team.”

Sophie Shiatis, VP of Product Marketing, Internet Infrastructure Services Group, Neustar

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