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One of the most effective online marketing tactics a company can engage in to increase inbound lead generation and attract organic media inquiries is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Research firms like eMarketer consistently rank SEO among the highest ROI of online initiatives and strongest tactic for increasing organic conversions. Nearly all businesses benefit from greater exposure in a pull-marketing channel like search.

Progress Software with its DataDirect technology lines is the world leader in data connectivity, offering the most comprehensive software solutions for connecting the world's most critical applications to data and services, running on any platform, using proven and emerging standards.

As with any modern technology company offering solutions to software architects, search engine visibility is more than a “nice-to-have,” it is essential. Progress Software’s web-savvy DataDirect customers frequently use major search engines to seek out solutions for data connectivity to connect their applications to data sources using standard-based interfaces such as ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, XQuery and SOAP.

The following case study demonstrates how the LEWIS SEO consulting process (consistently being refined based on the team’s collective experience optimizing hundreds of sites) and agile implementation by an enterprise company resulted in a trend up in search engine traffic and visibility.


As part of a wider digital consulting project for Progress Software, a strategic 12-month timeline was developed to market the brand holistically on the web. During that process, it was identified that the Progress DataDirect website had a significant opportunity for search engine visibility improvement. Implementation of a best practice, but creative approach to SEO was a much-needed tactic within the timeline.

The LEWIS PR digital team conducted a deep dive into search KPIs and analyzed the DataDirect website from a code, configuration and content-level standpoint. From this, the team developed a data-driven, tiered list of opportunities to improve results from organic search.

LEWIS PR worked in tandem with DataDirect developers on improving site and server configuration, CMS modifications, structural changes, and addressing search engine crawler issues. During this process a majority of the critical code-level issues found impacting website performance were addressed.

Additional tactics were provided to the DataDirect marketing team for implementing on the site long-term, and an SEO dashboard was developed for ongoing website performance tracking and to monitor the ongoing health of the website.


In the months following SEO recommendations provided by LEWIS, Progress DataDirect website has seen:

•    409% increase in monthly search engine impressions from baseline, according to Google webmaster tools

•    21% increase in monthly natural search engine traffic

•    Consecutive monthly increases of inbound website traffic from all sources and a trend up in organic leads



“Through accurate assessment of technical and content improvement opportunities for the DataDirect website by the LEWIS PR digital team, we were able to significantly increase organic search engine visibility and traffic. The LEWIS team helped guide us to make an already successful product website provide even greater returns.”

- John Stewart, VP Corporate Marketing Communications, Progress Software

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