Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between top public relations agencies. Frankly, they all describe themselves in similar ways. But here are a few of the things we think are important.

Our foundation in creativity and storytelling remains at the heart of the company. Sure our campaigns are about great creative but they’re about imperative as well. Every day, all around the world, global news creates opportunities for communicating client strategies. Every day is different for us and every day provides us with new international communications and PR opportunities.

We are an employee-owned company and this means we reinvest our profits every year. Our margins are informed by the needs of clients, staff and the opportunities in the marketplace. The business decisions are made by us, not outside investors. This allows us to invest in the downturns.

This is one of our PR agency's key commercial differentiators. It’s how we created our 28 global communications offices around the world. We invested alongside our clients. It was done with enthusiasm and belief more than experience. You can see our values here.

It works. Through continued focus on innovative PR services, international expansion, client retention and reinvestment, we’ve grown and been profitable every year. We invest heavily in technology, people, offices and in anticipating what the global market wants.

In the future, we believe digital channels will open a new, international market place where advertising, global PR and all elements of the marketing mix will merge.

This presents a huge opportunity for the creative, flexible, technical, international and the ambitious.

This year, LEWIS entered the Holmes Report's Global Top 35 PR Agencies for the first time. We are one of the youngest PR firms to achieve this.